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影像管理平台_SA 1 / SB 1

SA 1和SB 1都是晉弘推出之專業(醫療)影像管理系統 Professional (Medical) Image Management Platform,是Horus 五官鏡使用者最佳夥伴,可協助使用者管理五官鏡所拍攝的照片,並輔助使用者利用照片進行診斷並提供簡明報告給患者參考或留存備查。

以此出發點,晉弘推出三種不同的Package ,搭配不同使用情境,可選擇不同影像管理平台方案。

How to Find the Best Solution for You ?
For Different Department SA 1 (Cloud) SA 1(Standalone) SB 1
Ophthalmology - Clinic / Eye Health Screening
ENT - Physical Check / Clinic
Dentistry - Physical Check / Clinic    
Dermatology - Physical Check / Clinic
Main Function SA 1 (Cloud) SA 1(Standalone) SB 1
Doctor / Nurse Image Collection System
Doctor Reading System Cloud StandaloneStandalone
Waiting for Check / Recheck / Playback / Checking / Waiting   
Record Lists   
Search for Records - By patient / record   
Search by Patient  
Check with Live View    
Image Process SA 1 (Cloud) SA 1(Standalone) SB 1
Edit Text / Shapes  
Straight Line  
Hand Draw  
Shapes (Circle / Square / Rectangle )  
Image Adjustment  
Zoom in / Enlarge  
Rotation (90 degree)    
Image Inverse (Negative Effect)    
User / Patient Management SA 1 (Cloud) SA 1(Standalone) SB 1
User Management - Create New User / Edit User  
User Authorities Management I - Check / Manage / Collect
User Authorities Management II - Printing Report / Review(Recheck)   
Patient Management
Customized / Others SA 1 (Cloud) SA 1(Standalone) SB 1
Export PDF files
Export Images  
Customized Report - LOGO
Naming for Report / Inage / Folder  
Disease Characteristic / Image quality Phrase Management
UVC Live View  
Data Backup
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