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Optic Nerve Head Image System

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Optic Nerve Head Image System is a new method for measuring hemoglobin (Hb) levels at the optic nerve head (ONH) by means of color fundus images  in order to achieve objective glaucoma diagnosis such as, scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (HRT),scanning laser polarimetry (GDx), and optical coherence tomography (OCT) and which can be combined with subjective visual field evaluation. 


Optic Nerve Head Image System in clinical research


“GDF index” of the Laguna ONhE program, evaluates the distribution of Hb in several sectors of the optic nerve, producing diagnosis information similar or superior to other indexes provided by HRT, OCT or GDx.


Gonzalez de la Rosa et al. (2013). Measuring Hemoglobin Levels in the Optic Nerve Head: Comparisons with Other Structural and Functional Parameters of Glaucoma [Electronicversion]. IOVS, 54,No.1, 482-489



 Visual field sensitivity was better correlated with Hb levels than with rim sector areas or the corresponding nerve fiber thickness. i.e. Laguna ONhE method seems closerto the visual function than OCT results.


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