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Wifi module

Q & A

Pictures were NOT successfully sent to the designated tablet / device

You may go through the following steps to resolve the problems you experienced,
1. Check if the designated tablet/device is paired with Eye-Fi SD card
2. Check if the Wi-Fi function of designated tablet/device is activated with connectivity.
3. Check the energy level of horus scope, it may NOT synchronize images through Eye-Fi when it is low on energy.
4. If you ever lose connectivity during data synchronization, you will need to take another photo and wait for 3 to 5 minutes to complete the last transfer first.
5. Disable serial number settings
6. Restart your eye-fundus camera, eject Eye-Fi program and start it over again.
7. If you continuously experience failed synchronization, please use mini-USB or insert Eye-Fi SD card to the designated device for data transfer

Videos were NOT successfully sent to the designated tablet / device

Horus scope does NOT support video synchronization to tablet or other devices through Wi-Fi, please connect Eye-Fi card to designated devices or use mini USB for video transfer.

Appeared “No SD inserted” after inserted Eye-Fi SD card

Please follow below instructions, 1. Eject and insert the Eye-Fi SD card 2. Eject and insert the Micro SD card on the Wi-Fi module 3. Restart horus scope

Eye-Fi showed unwanted pictures as well

You may adjust the settings by going through the following steps, Enter “Setting”, go to “Application preferences”, choose “Select media filter” and select “Eye-Fi only”