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Image Management Platform SA1 / SB1

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For Different Department SA 1 (Cloud) SA 1
SB 1
Ophthalmology - Clinic / Eye Health Screening
ENT - Physical Check / Clinic
Dentistry - Physical Check / Clinic
Dermatology - Physical Check / Clinic
Main Function SA 1 (Cloud) SA 1
SB 1
Doctor / Nurse Image Collection System
Doctor Reading System Cloud Standalone Standalone
Waiting for Check / Recheck / Playback / Checking / Waiting
Record Lists
Search for Records - By patient / record
Search by Patient
Check with Live View
Image Process SA 1 (Cloud) SA 1
SB 1
Edit Text / Shapes
Straight Line
Hand Draw
Shapes (Circle / Square / Rectangle )
Image Adjustment
Zoom in / Enlarge
Rotation (90 degree)
Image Inverse (Negative Effect)
User / Patient Management SA 1 (Cloud) SA 1
SB 1
User Management - Create New User / Edit User
User Authorities Management I - Check / Manage / Collect
User Authorities Management II - Printing Report / Review(Recheck)
Patient Management
Customized / Others SA 1 (Cloud) SA 1
SB 1
Export PDF files
Export Images
Customized Report - LOGO
Naming for Report / Inage / Folder
Disease Characteristic / Image quality Phrase Management
UVC Live View
Data Backup
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Spec description

With the Image Management Platform (SA 1 / SB 1), users could collect, categorize and build an organized database for patients’ images taken by Horus+ series, the digital diagnostic set under our own brand. Based on the images, users can provide professional suggestion.
Besides to Standalone version, we also have solution with Cloud, which provide Horus users ways to apply in telemedicine. With SA 1 (Cloud) and the images uploaded by the local image accessing program, users can analysis and provide professional suggestion through the browser anytime.


▷User Management – Add/edit user with their authorities
▷Multi ways to import images – From Folders / UVC on/ UVC off
▷Patient Management
▷Customized Report
▷User Friendly and easy to use.
▷Applied in Ophthalmology / ENT / Dentistry / Dermatology
▷Especially design for Horus+ series
▷Better performance with Horus UVC View
▷Fulfills the needs of telemedicine